Welcome to Compsoc.org.uk!

Compsoc.org.uk is a project originally set up by the Manchester University Computer Society as a means of informally gathering together other University Computer Societies around the country, under the communal compsoc.org.uk domain. This could strengthen links between our societies, provide opportunities to participate in various events, and generally could be fun. 😉

It is free and simple for your society to join Compsoc!

The project is just starting out, but growing… Well, it started a while ago but until recently apathy has prevented much progress. Things are starting to move, if slowly. One day it’ll achieve something 🙂

(Note that Compsoc.org.uk is not the Manchester University Society, Compsoc.org.uk just happens to be administered in Manchester at the moment.)

This site is intended to be a central reference for all the members where news and events from our societies can be published to everyone.