Welcome to Compsoc.org.uk!

Compsoc.org.uk is a project originally set up by the Manchester University Computer Society as a means of informally gathering together other University Computer Societies around the country, under the communal compsoc.org.uk domain. This could strengthen links between our societies, provide opportunities to participate in various events, and generally could be fun. 😉

It is free and simple for your society to join Compsoc!

The project is just starting out, but growing… Well, it started a while ago but until recently apathy has prevented much progress. Things are starting to move, if slowly. One day it’ll achieve something 🙂

This site is intended to be a central reference for all the members where news and events from our societies can be published to everyone.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with No Hassle Mobile Phones who have supplied a range of gadgets for our hack days. Including providing us funding for purchasing used devices off eBay for a University study into what people leave on their devices when they sell them.

What is the Comp Soc?

Short answer: A creative group for computer science students in Manchester and beyond.

Compsoc was an idea that originated online and via word-of-mouth among a group of enthusiasts in June 2012, and the collective was founded over a round of beers at the SU Bar. From humble beginnings, Compsoc today boasts nearly 600 members on their public forums.

A hackerspace is characterized by an open workshop where people come together to work on hobby projects, both hardware and software based. The motivation for the work is the desire to learn something new, make something useful (or often just something silly), or simply because it’s a tough challenge! Implementation is often characterized by do-it-yourself solutions and curiosity. The “hacker” subculture developed around higher education institutions in the US and continental Europe, but has so far had little impact here in Manchester. There has, however, long existed a similar environment in the city in the form of workshops in academic societies

Compsoc’s ambition is to get “nerds” out of the couch, and into the hackerspace. This will be a great place for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. But this will be a place for more than just talking: Compsoc will feature workshops for hacking

Compsoc believes that the best ideas arise when the right people meet and discuss ideas and new concepts. You want to make a occulus-rift-3D-printer-boardgame with support for online play? AWESOME, Compsoc will help you make it happen.

There is no reason why innovation and creation should be the sole responsibility of educational institutions and large consultant offices. We must remember, Apple started in a garage!